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Contributing to these Sustainable Development Goals:

Levi Strauss & Co. is a unique and iconic American company, but we do not stand alone. We are part of a much larger ecosystem of relationships and partnerships that collectively shape our broader sense of community. Our actions within this ecosystem come from a belief that we must honor the touchpoints we have up and down our value chain. We must provide safe and supportive working environments to which people can bring their whole selves and from which they can expect dignity and respect. We must be diverse, equitable and inclusive. And we must use our voice and our philanthropy to address issues of importance to our various stakeholders, from employees to consumers to people who live and work in the areas where we operate.

Our actions and ambitions within this community framework include employee programs; diversity, equity and inclusion work; our supply chain standards and Worker Well-being initiatives; our social issue advocacy; and our philanthropic and volunteering programs. Together, these are linchpins of the “profit through principles” approach that has guided us in the past and will continue to guide us going forward.

In all these areas, collaboration — with peers, with industry-wide organizations and with consumers — is critical to realize our ambitions for employee, worker and community well-being. We join with others to share knowledge and lessons learned, explore and accelerate new ideas and work together on solutions that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of the various community members we serve.

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